CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Claremore police arrested two men Sunday morning connected to a murder.

They say one man committed the killing and the other helped steal some of the dead man's possessions.

Police say after Mark McKinney was stabbed to death with a sword at a mobile home the suspects went through his pockets to see what they could steal.

The crime scene was at trailer, number 29, in a mobile home park on the east side of Claremore.

Police were called to the scene to check out what could be a dead person with a suspect still at the home.

“Officers ended up surrounding the house, ended up calling the suspect out of the house, which ended up being Mr. Spears,” explained Claremore police officer Brian Burnett. “During the investigation, we found a deceased person inside the residence.”

Police arrested Michael Spears for the murder of Mark McKinney, who police say was stabbed with a sword during a fight.

The manager of the park said she had never heard of the dead man and the suspect didn't live there but was at a trailer belonging to his sister.

"Her brother was staying there once in a while,” said park owner Cheryl Hastings. “They were wanting him to be approved to live there, but I had not approved that yet.”

Bill Timberman, a 15-year resident, said he and his neighbors keep a close eye out for their neighbors and he had seen the suspect come through.

“I have seen him periodically come through the park, here to visit, not stay very long,” said Timberman.

Officer Burnett said Larry McCoy was arrested for taking a cell phone from the victim. Police believe they have everyone involved.

“McCoy was located shortly after,” said Burnett. “Everybody we needed was rounded up and the investigation was underway fairly quick.”

Police records include the detail that Spears called a relative to help him get rid of the body but police arrived first.