OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A large grass fire in Okmulgee County is now under control.

Homeowner Maggie Hackler was in Tulsa Hills when she learned about the grass fire, right near her house in Okmulgee County.

She immediately raced there when her neighbor called to warn her.

"He said, ‘You better get home cause the winds are so crazy that if they change or shift it was coming our way.’"

Hackler has lived in her home for about 22 years and knew she had to get home to prepare. She and her husband have dogs and horses.  

"I saw it and I've been out here long enough to know, grab, get some water hoses out, make sure everything's connected,” she said.

She says her neighbor even took his bulldozer out and cleared the property to help keep the flames out. Meanwhile, firefighters were battling with hand tools and leaf blowers.

Director of Okmulgee Emergency Management Tim Craighton says the winds made the fire hard to fight.

"Very difficult because that fire’s moving, because you’re 150 to 200 feet a minute, so we've got departments all the way from rolling hills,” said Craighton.

With nine departments, firefighters were able to get the fire under control by early evening.

Hackler says she's thankful everyone was vigilant.

"Luckily, you know, with good neighbors and the fire department that came out here we are all seem to be pretty safe tonight,” said Hackler.

The silver lining, No structures were evacuated or affected.

Some hay bales remain; they will burn themselves out in about a week