TULSA, Oklahoma - It's rifle season in Oklahoma, which means thousands of hunters are spending a lot of time in the woods looking for deer.

That includes a gun-toting Tulsa grandmother, who just recently discovered a new passion for hunting.

Susan Anderson is a 66-year-old Grandma.

“I am an old lady,” she said with a laugh. “I love just being in the woods. In God's beautiful creation.”

Anderson has been an outdoor girl and around weapons for as long as she can remember.

“When I was a kid we shot .22s and standard bow and arrow,” Anderson said.

But she'd never actually hunted.

“She's a grandma. She bakes cookies, she gardens herbs, she plays bridge at the senior center,” sand Anderson’s son, Samuel Honnold.

About two years ago, Honnold encouraged her to give something new a try.

“She can draw and shoot and keep them on a target,” he said.

Now, Anderson has harvested deer, squirrels and rabbits to eat, but most recently, she and her son went bear hunting in southeast Oklahoma.

Anderson, in her camo and armed with a muzzleloader, hiked up the trails as her son documented the trip.

They didn't get a bear, but for her, it's about much more than taking an animal.

“The success comes from doing the work, from looking for sign. From climbing the mountain,” she said.

It's also taught Anderson about self-reliance and survival.

“I think I've become a lot more confident,” she said.

But, more than anything, it's building new memories she and her son will treasure forever.