TULSA, Oklahoma - Michael Umfleet started the Secret Gardens Candle Company almost 30 years ago.

He was in the computer business, making candles on the side, and didn't want to be the guy sitting on the porch late in life wondering, “What if?”

"Now I know what would happen if, ‘cause I did it," he said.

This is a crazy time of year for the company because they support a lot of group fundraising projects.

"This group right here, in two weeks, raised $952," Leslie Umfleet said.

The group sells the candles, then Michael and Leslie produce them so they can be delivered before Christmas.

It's a constant game of catch up and they love it.

A successful business is only part of this story. About a decade ago, Leslie was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she credits having the business to focus on helping her get through it.

She's been cancer free now for nine years.