TULSA, Oklahoma - The countdown to Christmas is on - and for many, that means it's time to find the perfect gifts.

The parking lots are full and makes you wonder if there's anything left after Tulsans spent the day shopping.

As Black Friday shoppers flood the stores, they're ready to spend money. 

AMY: "Are you getting good deals?"

Molly Pennington: "Yes, really good deals. 50 percent off at Forever 21."

Others, like Abby Webb, are just browsing for now.

"Looking for myself and for my parents," Webb said. 

She's still got a few weeks to find that perfect gift for mom. 

The number of folks who were at Woodland Hills Mall is up by about 40 percent from a normal Friday.  

"We came prepared with money and it's going way farther than we thought it would," said shopper Michelle Smith. 

The deals are also adding up in a place that's already known for low prices. 

One shopper - who's also an author - Jean Kelly, was Black Friday shopping at Goodwill. 

"Well, it's more fun," Kelly said.

Goodwill gave shoppers an extra 25 percent off to kick off the holiday shopping. 

"This is going to cost $30 at a retail store, and it's $2.99," Kelly said. 

Kelly is the author of "Dress Like a Million from Goodwill."

"Why look good if you can look magnificent?" Kelly said. 

And, she knows how to spot a good deal.  

"These look brand new," she said. 

She said the things you can find at Goodwill are roughly 90 percent cheaper than at the big department stores. 

Kristie Loman's total of about $50 for all four of her kids' Christmas gifts just might be proof of that. 

"Lots of name brands in here," Loman said. 

The deals are far from over. Don't forget about Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.