WAGONER, Oklahoma - A man who thought he lost his cell phone was surprised to find it was picked right out of his pocket.

Of course it's not unusual to have a cell phone lost or stolen, but in this case, Wagoner Police said it was taken by an outright pickpocket, and it was caught on video.

Surveillance video shows a woman with the cell phone in her hand.

It happened at the Stop-N-Go on the east side of Wagoner Thanksgiving morning.

The store is often very busy, and it's covered with security cameras inside and out.

"Looks like from the video she's practiced and it wasn't her first time," said Noah Christopherson with Stop-N-Go.

The man who had his cell phone taken is Joshua Shoenecke.

"Reached for my wallet but it was in my pants so I had to undo the sleeve [of my coveralls] and pull it around when I did, that pocket went behind me and that's when she grabbed it," Shoenecke said. 

The video shows the woman behind him watching as he gets out his wallet and she pulls out his phone.

The phone goes from his pocket to hers as he walks out.

"She tried once and missed it and she got it the second time," Shoenecke said, "I didn't feel a thing. I still wouldn't have known it happened if I didn't see video of it."

The store owner pulled up the video to see what happened, now it's been shared with police.

Shoenecke isn't concerned so much about the phone, just the photos on the phone of his mother and grandfather, both who recently died.

Wagoner Police hope they find their person of interest soon, so they hear what she has to say.