TULSA, Oklahoma - Neighbors in south Tulsa are on high alert after several car break-ins.

One family said they were hit twice in one night.

Police said car break-ins go up during the holidays.

And even gated neighborhoods with security cameras are vulnerable.

"It was interesting to see how brazen these people were to look straight in our cameras and it didn't phase them one bit," said Paige Morris.

Caught on camera at 2:30 a.m.

Two people walked up to Morris' SUV, shining flashlights to scope out the goods.

Then, a silent smash.

"He stood up on this and hit it from behind with something, I'm not sure what," Morris said.

She said they got away with her husband's work bag.

Then, just 10 minutes later, another hit.

The guy checks the doors to see if they're unlocked, peeks around where the window is broken and walks off empty handed.

"Several other neighbors have that same guy on camera, checking car doors," Morris said. "I know that the next night it happened right over by Jenks Middle School. In Deleware Point."

And in Bixby, people are posting their pictures all over Facebook. 

Police said in one case the suspect threw a rock into a window.

About half of the break-ins happening in neighborhoods that are gated.

"Somehow people are getting in. And I don't know if they're given the codes, sold the codes, manually opening the gates," Morris said.

Morris said the iron gate and security cameras give her a false sense of security, but she's not packing up anytime soon.

"I'm not sure there's anywhere that's going to be any safer than where we are now," Morris said.