TULSA, Oklahoma - Another peeping tom case, the second in the past two days, has been filed in Tulsa County.

The suspect's name is Saudi Lanear and police said he was also videotaping women in Tulsa dressing rooms.

The way police found out about this case is a person found a lost cell phone and was looking through it just to find the owner, and saw videos clearly taken in dressing rooms of women, changing clothes, so they called police.

Police said in this case, the videos were taken at dressing rooms at Plato's closet. Police said that some of the videos captured Saudi Lanear's face in them.

The manager at Plato's said she had no idea this had happened but says, like many stores, their dressing rooms are unisex so both men and women try on clothes at the same time.

She was very distressed to learn it happened there. 

Police said it can happen anywhere, just like with Trevor Thompson, who's accused of making 27 such videos at Woodland Hills Mall since May, most of them inside the Forever 21 store there.

Sex crimes detectives say it's hard to watch the videos and realize the women have no idea they're being videotaped as they're undressing and then there's no way for police to even contact the women and let them know.

"We can't put those videos out on the media, we can't show snippets of them, because the women are undressed and in a vulnerable position, so for us, it's just gut-wrenching to think, yes, we're able to make that arrest, but, not able to notify any of these victims,” said Sergeant Jillian Phippen. 

When you go into a dressing room, look up, down and in the corners and if you see a hand even for a moment, get leery. 

But the thing to really watch out for is if someone drops a bag close to your door or sidewall, get dressed immediately and get out of there. 

If something happens, report it to the store and police.