SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Sand Springs police have a simple suggestion to stop thieves from stealing things from unlocked cars. It's a continuing problem in the city.

Police said the pattern is someone checking car doors, generally at night on the weekends.

If they find one open, they take whatever is inside.

Quiet streets in a good neighborhood are perfect for thieves looking to get into cars, especially since they work in the night.

That's why Andrew Thames said "There is nothing you will find in my truck; not taking the chance."

His truck is always locked, he said, and he's never had anything stolen.

"Every night I always take everything out of the back of my truck and I always lock it and take everything out because you can't trust anybody in today's world," he said.

Police said that especially in the Rolling Oaks neighborhood they've had regular reports of thieves getting away with small items from cars.

"They just walk down the street and sneak in the driveway and check the door handles and if it's unlocked they take what they can and move on to the next one," said Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner.

Enzbrenner said thieves got a couple of guns from cars last month, but it's usually not as serious — just whatever is easy to grab.

"Most of these are kids going through there looking for open door and taking whatever they can find, loose change. So if you'll lock your doors, take your valuables inside, we can prevent a lot of these," Enzbrenner said.

Police said just locking the doors makes a big difference in whether or not a person is a victim.