TULSA, Oklahoma - West Tulsa neighbors say porch pirates are targeting their streets and some unusual items.

Police said weird thefts go up during the holidays.

"When you get something stolen, yes, it sucks. But it leaves you wondering what happened, who did it. It gives you peace of mind to have cameras," said Amie Sims.

Sims said she installed four security cameras after somone rummaged through her Bronco.

That's how she caught a porch pirate snatching two of her packages in the middle of the afternoon.

"You feel safe at home. And the fact that someone would be willing to encroach on your space, especially with cameras, is just insane to me," Sims said.

She said she found out she's not the only recent victim.

"I continued to watch and I saw someone walking down the street and went to the side of my neighbor's house and stole a bicycle," Sims said.

That's just the beginning.

One man is offering a $2,200 reward for his Dodge Ram.

Another woman said someone got away with tools after breaking into her son's van.

And another woman said her pants were stolen right off her clothing line outside.

"She had hung her laundry out to dry and came back and no pants. No work pants," Sims said.

Another neighbor posted her friend's prized saddle was taken, along with two others.

"Lawn chairs have been stolen. 'No trespassing' sign. Fence pickets. Or fence posts. All kinds of stuff," Sims said.

Sims said she doesn't think it'll stop anytime soon.

"I think anything is up for game in their eyes. Anything to make a quick buck. It's really unfortunate," Sims said.

A late model Corvette was stolen in south Tulsa and dumped across the street from her in west Tulsa, she said.

She caught the truck and trailer involved on camera, which helped police in their investigation.