SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A Sand Springs pastor is free on bond after being charged with scamming members of the Broadway Baptist Church out of thousands of dollars.

An affidavit details several accounts from victims who said they've been swindled.

The court records show Mark Miller stole more than $30,000 from members of the Broadway Baptist Church. Investigators say Miller told members of the congregation he needed money to pay for his children's college tuition.

Court documents say Miller told investigators he'd become depressed and addicted to pain pills. Investigators say he spent his children's college fund on an aluminum scam then borrowed money from his congregation to cover it up.

The affidavit said in some cases Miller repaid the loans but in other cases he still owes thousands.

He claimed he didn't use the money to buy meds but that members of the congregation would give him their medication "out of love."

Police say he also gambled with the borrowed money, to try to get more.

Miller went to a facility for treatment, the court documents say. He reportedly told police he is owning his mistake and working to restore the trust and relationships he's broken.

Miller, 49, was arrested December 4 on complaints of obtaining money under false pretenses.