TULSA, Ok - A Tulsa woman says she was physically attacked during a road rage incident.

Rebekah Pauli was on her way to a Riverside Starbucks Monday afternoon when she noticed a vehicle driving erratically.

"I wasn't sure if she was trying to pull over to text and or of something of that matter,” said Pauli.

She flashed her lights, passed the woman and pulled in to get her coffee. Pauli says that’s when a woman confronted her.

"Starts yelling at me that I should not have passed her,” Pauli stated.

Pauli says she walked into Starbucks but when she walked back outside, she found the women keying her car.

When Pauli grabbed her phone things escalated.

"Then she started, she started grabbing my throat and she got her key with one hand and was poking me or stabbing me with it,” Pauli recalled.

In an arrest and booking report provided to News On 6, Tulsa Police say the woman also threatened to kill Pauli.

She says witnesses stepped up and helped her until police arrested Tonnie Helmig on multiple complaints.

Pauli wasn't physically hurt but says she couldn’t sleep that night.

"I felt very shooken up. I just wondered why, why do people do something like that,” said Pauli. "You don't have to attack someone for passing your vehicle; that's just a normal part of driving.”