OKLAHOMA CITY - Posts on social media appear to show an Oklahoma 18-year-old with alcohol and drugs only hours before a deadly crash.

The crash killed a 16-year-old Moore student. 

The driver now faces DUI and second-degree murder charges. 

Investigators went back to the crash site at I-240 and Eastern, closing down traffic to take measurements.  

3-D cameras allow them to piece together the final moments of the crash. 

Another camera also captures the 18-year-old driver with drugs and alcohol hours before the fatal rollover.  

Police say Ashley Robison's Snapchat posts are now part of their investigation.  

Police confirm the girl running down the stairs in the video is 16-year-old Courtney Snodgrass. She was killed after being ejected from the car. She landed on I-240 and was hit by passing vehicles.  

One of the injured passengers told police the four teens were drinking at a hotel before the crash. 

The 16-year-old's family members visited the site where she died. They placed a cross in her memory near the interstate.  

"They shouldn't have gotten in the car. Nobody should have been driving... at that age. They should have found a sober driver."

Snodgrass's family said she was a straight-A student at Moore High School and full of life. 

The crash has not only impacted her family, a 19-year-old man is in the hospital with brain trauma and on a ventilator and Robison is in jail facing DUI and second-degree murder charges.

"She needs to be in jail. I hope they find out who gave them the alcohol and they need to be in jail."