COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta police are trying to figure out who vandalized several vehicles, slashing tires and keying a hate message into an officer's patrol car.

At least six vehicles were hit, including the Coweta Police patrol car.

Neighbors say a police officer who works for another department is also a victim of the vandalism.

"For people to do this, this time of year, right before the holidays, that's what makes it difficult,” said Chris Holmes.

Holmes says someone slashed all four tires on his trailer early Monday morning and two on his truck.

"I sat down and was leaning and then realized both tires on the passenger side of my vehicle were flat,” he recalled.

Holmes had to take an unpaid day off work and fork out $800 for repairs.

The deputy chief says there are at least five other victims, including one of his officers.

All four tires on the patrol car were pierced, adding up to $600 in damage.

Neighbors say the vandals also keyed a hate message onto the patrol car, and an officer from another department was hit too.

"I think they're targeting the cops,” said Tasha Brede.

The Coweta officer's family has to replace tires on their truck and SUV.

Now, police are hoping someone may have information on who caused thousands of dollars in damage.

"They need to own up,” said Brede. “People are in financial burdens because of your immaturity.”

And Holmes says an electrician will be there Tuesday to install security cameras.

"I hope they catch them,” he said.

Other neighbors say they're also installing security cameras, something they didn't think they would have to do in a small town.

The vandals could face a felony charge since the damage totals more than $1,000.