PORUM, Oklahoma - A Porum woman already battling a deadly disease is now looking for a new home after losing everything in a fire.

Rosa lea has Huntington’s disease, a neurological condition with no cure.

Her home burned down the day after Thanksgiving, and now, she and her family asking for help from the community.

This holiday season started with a phone call Melissa Frazier will never forget.

"I got a phone call at 11:16 from my oldest daughter and she was screaming and she said mom the house is on fire,” Frazier recalled.

Frazier had recently moved her mother into a home right next to hers. And less than 24 hours after a Thanksgiving full of family and fun, it will full of tears and lost memories.

"I left work and got here and there was nothing left; it was completely engulfed in flames,” Frazier recalled.

Nothing was spared. Frazier's mother was not home at the time.

"Devastating we lost everything,” said Frazier’s mother Rosa Lea.

Frazier says they had moved her mother closer to help care for her.

"It was definitely rough,” said Frazier. “I think I cried more than she did the first day, ‘cause I'm just trying to do everything I can to help her.”

Frazier's mother has Huntington's Disease, a deadly genetic disorder. It breaks down a person’s mental and physical abilities.

"It'll break her down to the point she won’t be able to swallow,” said Frazier. “My grandma weighed 55 pounds when she died.”

Frazier says what keeps her moving forward is her close-knit family.

She says her mother taught her everything, and all she wants this Christmas is to give back and give her mother something to call her own.

"If it weren't for family we would have what we have,” said Frazier. “We wouldn't be who we are, and all I want is to give my mom a new home for Christmas.”

Frazier says the Red Cross and a local church have stepped up.