TULSA, Oklahoma - The owner of a stolen Chevy Tahoe says when police recovered his SUV early Wednesday he found a different set of wheels and tires on his vehicle.

Police chased the SUV to a Tulsa apartment complex near I-244 and Garnett Road.  That is where the driver, got out and ran into the complex.

The owner, Dillon Halvorsen says police called him around 5 a.m. Wednesday to tell him they had recovered his SUV which was stolen last week.  He says he's happy to have his SUV back.  Adding, police also found several personal electronic items inside the SUV, including an iPad, which were not his.

Police say officers saw someone driving the vehicle near 11th and Garnett Road.  When officers checked the SUV's tag, it came back as stolen and they tried to stop it.  

The chase ended minutes later at the apartment complex.  The driver has not been located.