GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Surveillance video gives a different view of an armed robbery at a Glenpool gas station.

In the surveillance video, you can see the store clerk grabbing the gun away from the man who tried to rob him. And although it worked out well, police say that's not exactly what they'd recommend in that situation.

"I had to stay calm, cool. I had to stay under control," said Gary Adams, store clerk.

Adams was stuffing money into a bag for the suspect when he saw an opportunity and seized it.

"The guy demanded the cash from me, I give him the cash and he still wouldn't leave the store. I felt he was going to shoot me, I really felt he was going to shoot me. So I just, spur of the moment told myself, just take the gun from him. So I just ripped the gun out of his hand," Adams said.

The suspect, Ezell Brown, then headed for the parking lot. But Adams grabbed a baseball bat and followed him outside, where he detained him until police got there.

"He kept telling me, 'I got a gun.' And I said 'If you pull the gun, I'm going to shoot you with the gun I have of yours,'" Adams said.

Glenpool Detective Matthew Graves said after Adams hit a panic button, it took police only about one minute to arrive.

"We're very proud of the store clerk, he did a good job. But, everyone reacts a little bit differently," Graves said.

Graves said crimes like this one aren't common in Glenpool. He offered a word of caution to others who could end up in a situation like this one.

"We're happy it happened the way it did. We recommend any time if you're in a situation like this, comply. Give them what they want," Graves said.

He said the safest thing you can do is be a good witness — take a good look at the suspect so you can give police a detailed description, rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Brown was booked into the Tulsa County Jail on multiple complaints, including armed robbery.