TULSA, Oklahoma - The search continues for the man police say shot his relative and then ran off with his two children leading to an Amber Alert that lasted for several hours.

Now detectives are sending a message to anyone who knows where Jason Jordan might be. 

News On 6 has confirmed Jason Jordan is a certified Irish Mob gang member and that he's on federal probation. 

Police have now been looking for him in Tulsa for more than 24 hours. 

The victim is in worse shape than police originally thought.

"Jordan was trying to get a car moving that had been marked for tow. He had been having some domestic issues with his wife. He's not living at the house," said Sergeant Dave Walker. 

Walker said when his wife's relative showed up, Jordan shot him in the leg almost immediately. 

"It hit some arteries in there and he's having some difficulties. He's in intensive care. So, I mean we're probably just millimeters away from working a murder," Walker said.  

Officers said Jordan took off with his two kids, prompting an amber alert. 

Police found his car near Pine and Yale, but not his children.

It wasn't until around midnight that police say Jordan’s sister showed up at a QuikTrip with the kids, telling officers she didn't know there was an amber alert. 

"I bet you we can get a police officer who will say 'I spoke perfect English, and I told her what we were doing'. You can't tell one law enforcement agency one thing, and the next law enforcement agency something else," said Walker. 

Now, more than 24 hours since the shooting, the hunt is still on, and Walker says there's still time for anyone who has information to come clean.

"His friends and those people hiding him out, if you want us out of your business, throw him out the door and tell us where he's at and we'll be glad to let you go about your business," he said. 

Police said they don't think the shooting was gang-related.

If you have any information, call Tulsa Police.