TULSA, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma father is warning other parents about what your children might accidentally see on websites meant to be "kid-friendly."

The dad found something hidden in the app his young daughter was playing. 

If your children have a tablet or maybe have one waiting under the tree for Christmas morning, this message is for you.

Ty Formby and his wife have an eight- and seven-year-old daughters.  He says the girls like to watch Kids YouTube.

They try to limit their daughters' "technology time" to about an hour a day and try to monitor it the best they can.

But a few weeks ago, his daughter was playing 'Things Only a Genius Would Know.'  In the background, Ty says he faintly heard profanity.  He posted that video to Facebook to warn other parents.

"Your kids are gonna hear bad words in the world, parents are gonna say bad words...it's just gonna happen, but the fact that it was on a kids program and it was so intentional and premeditated and thought out to be a subliminal message that a could hear and go out and cuss. That's disturbing," said Ty Formby.

Ty reported to video to YouTube, but right now, the video has not been removed. Ty says he's made his daughters take a break from technology altogether.