BIXBY, Oklahoma - Bixby Public School's Board of Education is meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the employment status of it's superintendent, Dr. Kyle Wood.

The special meeting comes as an investigation continues into the school's response to a reported sexual assault by football players on one of their fellow teammates at Woods' home earlier this year.

This will be the fourth time the Bixby School Board has met this month; the difference this time is that they are putting Wood's future with the district up for a vote.

Last week was the first time that the public could come to ask questions and speak up to the board - only one person showed up.

The two weeks before that, the board held special meetings where they voted to go into executive session to talk with their attorney.

They are expected to vote to go into executive session again Tuesday, then, when they come back, they are going to approve whether or not to enter into a resignation agreement with the superintendent.

If they do approve the resignation agreement then they will have to vote to appoint an interim superintendent.