BRISTOW, Oklahoma - A Green Country family is reunited with some of their presents and other belongings just days before Christmas

The happy ending comes after someone kicked in their door and robbed them. 

Police recovered those items and arrested a suspect, all within about 24 hours of it happening, saving Christmas for this family of four.

With less than a week before Christmas, Jessica Scott, a single mom of three, came home to a nightmare. 

"I could tell that my door had been kicked in, we walked in and noticed that the PlayStation and stuff was gone, the presents were gone," said Scott.  

Scott said a PS4, jewelry, and even ashes from a family member who had passed away were taken, along with other items. 

"I was scared very scared, just very violated," Scott said.  

At the same time, Bristow Police officers were called to a nearby apartment to serve a warrant. 

And with a little luck and good police work, they found several items that were taken from Scott's home and arrested one person, bringing some closure and a little Christmas cheer back for this family.

"I think it’s the reason we all do this job, is to be able to look at kids and adults and other people and be able to give them back the things that were unlawfully taken from them,” said Bristow Police Investigator Kevin Webster.  

"It means more around Christmas time than anything because we know that a families gonna have a Christmas now and before they weren't," Webster said.  

"I'm so thankful for them I don’t know what I would do without them," Scott said. 

Police wouldn't give the name of who they arrested because they are still investigating the break-in.