TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a house to catch fire near 21st and Garnett. 

TFD says no one was hurt and firefighters were able to put it out pretty quick but they say on a bitterly cold night like Saturday night, the temperature is yet another hazard they have to be aware.

As temperatures plummetted Saturday night, Tulsa Firefighters were trying to stay warm after fighting this house fire. 

"We're rotating our crews through letting them get some dry gloves on some dry flashover hoods," said District Chief Pete Matlock. 

Firefighters say when they arrived, the fire had already destroyed part of the roof. Once they got into the house they were able to knock it down.

"It appears the heaviest damage is in the garage area but we do have an investigator on scene," Matlock said. 

Richard Stowrs says he wasn't home when he learned his mom's house was on fire. 

"We went out to dinner with my brother over there and next thing I knew the neighbors calling us about a fire," Stowrs said. 

He says at first he thought it was a joke until he actually saw the flames. Stowrs says he's unsure of what caused the fire. 

"We don't keep space heaters on while we are not there, I don't leave anything on that's basically electrical," Stowrs said. 

Tulsa Firefighters say they were able to put the fire out quickly and are now salvaging what they can, but the cold temperatures are making this task much harder. 

"So now we physically got to grab all the wet stuff move it out and check for hidden fires. This is where a lot of the injuries occur," Matlock said. 

And while Stowrs says he's sad this happened, he's trying to stay positive.

"That's big and after that, it was like hey anybody got hot dogs cause you cant really cry about it, its gonna be what its gonna be," Stowrs said. 

Investigators are still working to nail down what started this fire.