TULSA, Oklahoma - Dozens of couples are starting 2018 as newlyweds, thanks to one Tulsa County judge.

Whether times are good or bad, or happy or sad, couples in Tulsa decided New Year’s Eve was the perfect night to say, “I do.”

District Judge James Caputo is the only judge in Tulsa County who currently officiates wedding ceremonies, and he hosted the ceremonies in the ballroom of the Aloft Hotel in downtown Tulsa.

"This turned out really fantastic. I never expected this many couples to be here," he said.

More than 50 couples tied the knot just before the clock struck midnight into 2018, and, just after the midnight countdown, Caputo married more than two-dozen other couples.

"Everybody's happy, excited and cheering," he said.

Scott and Kristen Bergmeier were one of the newlyweds. They've been together for 11 years and said it was a unique chance for all the couples to share the special moment.

"We've been together a long time and we've waited and now is the right time. Figured we'd start the new year right," they said.

Caputo said he married about 150 couples in 2017 and plans to do even more this year.

Reasor's donated 300 wedding cupcakes for each newlywed couple to enjoy on their wedding day.