TULSA, Oklahoma - It was a busy year for Tulsa Firefighters as they responded to almost 65,000 incidents in 2017, TFD wrote on its Facebook page. 

TFD said it responded to tornados, explosions, high-rise fires, tanker fires, water rescues, grass fires, train accidents, sub-station fires, shootings, stabbings and airplane crashes. 

Several of them volunteered to go to help other communities and fight forest fires, wildland fires and to rescue Hurricane Harvey victims, TFD said.

Here's how the fire calls break down: 

  • 42,000 Medical Emergencies
  • 5,400 Fires
  • 6,900 Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • 5,800 Building Alarms
  • 1,800 Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • 2,700 Rescue/Assist Citizen Calls
  • 300 Carbon Monoxide Incidents