TULSA, Oklahoma - A hearing is set for Tuesday for a man accused of setting off a pipe bomb last year at an Air Force recruiting office in Bixby.

The competency hearing will be held in federal court in Tulsa for Benjamin Roden.

He's charged with multiple federal counts after an explosion outside the office back in July. 

FBI agents say they found more pipe bombs and bomb making materials inside Roden's apartment. 

Court records describe Roden as a disgruntled two-year Air Force airman, who couldn't advance in the service to be an electrician.

In a previous hearing, based on reports from two different doctors, a judge ruled Roden was not mentally competent to stand trial at the time.  The judge is gave him 90 days, or more, if needed for Roden to go through treatment.

The hearing is set to get underway at 2 p.m.