TULSA, Oklahoma - A water line break that has caused traffic issues near one of Tulsa’s main hospitals has been repaired, but the headache for drivers isn't over yet.

City workers are at least hoping to open one lane back up while those repairs are going on.

Eric Parker with Tulsa's Water department says the break is a sprinkler line off the main water line for St. Francis.

He says everything is repaired now, but workers will still be out for a couple days fixing the road.

Parker says nobody lost water during the break, but there has been a lot of frustration with traffic issues. He says dangerously cold temperatures make the entire repair process take much longer.

"You get out, you start making repairs, you have to get back into the truck and warm up,” Parker explained. “You're in wet conditions, whether the water's still running or the mud. It's just extremely cold out there."

Parker asks drivers to be patient and remember that the road workers don't want to be out in the freezing cold any more than drivers want to be stuck in traffic.

"These guys are dedicated employees,” he said. “Away from their families, as a lot of this was occurring over the holidays, so they've been away from their families. And the cold just complicates everything."

Parker says they will expedite the street repairs to get everything back up and running as soon as possible.

He says everything should be good to go in the next couple days.