TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahoma's Caring Vans are traveling the state to help fight the spread of the flu. Wednesday, they made their first stops in Tulsa.

The Caring Van is set up outside the WIC facility on East 21st Street. It's like a mobile immunization clinic for kids who need shots.

"We have flu shots for anyone 18 or under, and we also have all the vaccines for anyone birth to 18 years of age," Tina Hutchison said.

There are eight Caring Vans in Oklahoma that travel all over the state and are expected to provide nearly 9,000 flu vaccinations before the season is over.

The only requirement is they be uninsured, on Sooner Care or be Native American.

Jayden is 5-months-old and his mom brought him in for three vaccinations - one oral vaccine and two the old-fashioned way.

Angel Cox is the nurse from the health department taking care of him.

Jayden doesn't like it much, but when it's all done Jayden and Angel are best buddies, sort of.

Shots aren't that bad, but most important, they’re still the best way to avoid the flu and all that goes with it.

A full schedule of Tulsa Caring Van Clinics is available on the Caring Foundation website.