TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Avery Drive near Chandler Park is still closed after black ice caused several accidents this morning.

A trooper on scene says drivers didn't realize how deceptively slippery it was until it was too late.

OHP says three vehicles, a car, a truck and a Jeep, drove onto a sheet of black ice and all three vehicles crashed into a ditch.

Roads were wet from Sunday's rain and Berryhill firefighters say the temperature was right at the freezing mark when they showed up.

The fire captain says they noticed how slick it was when they pulled up in the fire truck this morning.

"We still have to drive carefully and slowly to the scene so we get there safe too," said Capt. Brian Boyd.

Troopers say everyone is doing well aside from minor cuts and bruises.

They say the county was called in to treat the road with salt and sand, but firefighters encourage drivers to be cautious on this stretch.

"Just be careful. You never know where there's ice. It doesn't appear to be ice but once you get on the roads, it's very slick," Boyd said. 

OHP says none of the drivers got a ticket.