TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa dog found with sharp metal duct-tubing wrapped around his back is slowly recovering, according to Rescued 'N Ready, the rescue group that saved him.

Named Marvel by his rescuers, the dog had gaping wounds from the metal that had apparently been on his neck for some time. Marvel was a stray that reportedly evaded capture for months and had severe injuries when taken to to an emergency animal clinic in early January.  

The tubing had cut into his neck and head, and he also was emaciated and had tick disease, the Rescued 'n Ready's Facebook page states.

As of January 7, Marvel is eating well and healing though he is still very thin and has a long way to go, Rescued 'n Ready posted. He is now at Tulsa Town Vet where his care is being financed by a GoFundMe page.

The group says he will need more surgery. You can donate to his care and keep up with his progress at the GoFundMe page and on Facebook.