TULSA, Oklahoma - A four-year-old Oklahoma boy and his family have an irreplaceable bond with a family across the country.

And they're just meeting for the first time.

About four years ago when a baby in Minnesota died, his heart was donated, giving an Oklahoma baby a second chance at life.  

Little Lucus was just 6 and a half months old when he died.

"It is the hardest thing you ever could go through as a mother," said the donor’s mother Nikita Nash. 

But Lucus's heart is still beating strong, giving Kolton, who was born with several heart defects, a new life when he was just three months old.

"We were so close to losing Kolton," said Kolton’s Mother, Jenny Carter. 

Jenny wrote a letter to the Minnesota family who lost their child.

The last page reads, "From the bottom of your little angel's heart that beats in my sweet boy's chest, we thank you!"

Years passed before Lucas's mom, Nikita, was ready to meet Kolton and Jenny.

"That is probably the coolest thing ... I don't even know what to say," Nikita said. 

Now four years old, Kolton has regular checkups with his doctors. 

His heartbeat is on display for everyone to hear. 

It's the sound that connects Nikita to her son. 

But their heart isn't the only thing they share.

"Personality-wise, they're both really laid back. That's what I see the most," said Nikita. 
The two moms are discovering just how much love this one heart can give them.

"I always do my best to take the best care of Kolton, because I'm not just caring for Kolton, I'm caring for Lucus too," said Jenny. 
The moms tell me they plan to keep visiting each other.

Kolton's family lives near Ardmore, but spend a lot of time traveling for doctor's appointments.

If you want to help them, the family has an account set up at First United Bank. You can make donations under the name "Kare for Kolton".

They travel to Tulsa, Fort Worth, and St. Louis for regular doctor visits.