TULSA, Oklahoma - A grandmother said she’s now dealing with a pile of medical bills after she was beaten for her purse.

Police arrested three people - the teenager accused of the attack, plus, his mother and uncle who police said were waiting in the getaway car.

Linda was at a Walgreens when she saw a young man she thought was waiting for a bus or headed to school, but, she said he ran up behind her and knocked her to the ground.

She said the 16-year-old couldn’t wrestle her purse away, so he got on top of her and attacked her.

"He finally got my hands down because I was covering my face, he got my hands down and just hit me right in the face with his fist," she said.

Linda said the punch got her to let loose of the purse and the teen ran.

A Good Samaritan followed him and saw him jump into a car. Police said his mother and uncle were in the car.

Officers arrested all three.

The teen’s mother, Garlanda Boyles, has felony convictions in 2011 and 2013 for lying to police and having drugs without a prescription.

The uncle, Corian Campbell, has been to prison for robbery with a weapon.

Police said they arrested the teenager and his uncle just a few weeks before Linda's attack. They said the uncle put the boy up to stealing a TV and tools from the uncle's workplace.

"When I found out the mother was involved, how could she do this to her son? I felt really sorry for him," Linda said.

The mother and uncle face new robbery charges. Records show the teenager's case is being handled in juvenile court and those records are sealed.

Linda is healing now but she's left with a stack of medical bills. She said the whole thing was pointless because she had hardly any money in her purse.

"Ten-thousand dollars in medical bills and he stole four dollars out of my purse," she said.

Linda is prepared to testify. She wants to see the mother and uncle go to jail, but as for the young man, she'd like to see him get the help that he needs.