CRAIG COUNTY, Oklahoma - News On 6 had crews monitoring the deteriorating road conditions in the northern counties all day.

Morris Bluejacket with Craig County emergency management stayed busy, coordinating with ODOT as the winter storm rolled in.

"He had his trucks out early and they will continue through the night,” said Bluejacket. “He already got his night shift out.”

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority also had trucks stocked with all the tools needed to try and keep these major roads as clear as possible.

"The main concern is going to be the freezing roads and the blowing snow because when the wind increases, we are worried about drifts on the county roads,” said Bluejacket. “It will drift pretty bad when it's blowing.”

In the town of Bluejacket, the wind and snow was at its worst around noon where they saw about three inches of accumulation. A News On 6 Crew drove some of the neighborhood streets in Vinita and the slush had frozen over into a thick coat of ice.

"Don't travel if you don't have to,” Bluejacket advised. “Right now, it's a hurry up and wait situation and we just wait and see what Mother Nature is going to lay on us.”

Mother Nature wasn't very friendly along the turnpike from Miami to Joplin. A semi jackknifed, closing the eastbound lanes and causing a traffic nightmare.

Though the day didn't bring many other issues around Craig County, they are ready for what the evening has in store.

"Of course ambulances, we've got on back up duty in case we do have any major accidents,” said Bluejacket.

School districts are also steadily starting to cancel classes because of the dropping temperatures so stay with News On 6 for those details.