Parts of northeastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas are seeing the effects of the snow and freezing temperatures first hand.

Slick streets have been a big issue in Coffeyville.

The city manager says it started out as rain here before turning to snow and with the cold temperatures it started to freeze which has created problems just driving around.

The roads in Nowata County were slick but nothing that people there aren't used to. 

Amber Laithrop says she briefly slid off the road but was able to get back on track.

“The roads are pretty slick,” said Laithrop. “I’ve already slid off the road with this and had to pull it out of the ditch.”

Another man wasn't as lucky; he ended up stuck in a ditch. 

ODOT has been out treating the main highways but most drivers are just choosing to stay indoors.  

“I just haven’t seen a lot of people out today,” said Joshua Gillman of Nowata.

Up north in Coffeyville, officials couldn't keep up with how fast the snow was falling.

“The problem has been the really cold temperatures now with freezing underneath the light snow which has made the streets very slick,” said Coffeyville City Manager Kendal Francis.

In northeast Oklahoma, slipping and sliding has been a big issue.

“Being out on the streets, I've seen a lot of people sliding through intersections so I would encourage people to slow down,” said Francis.

But others are making the most of their snow day.

“It’s just fun to play in,” said Keona Jennings.

Jennings' family just moved back to Coffeyville from Tennessee, but unlike Jennings, her mom could do without the freezing temperatures.

The city manager says crews will be back out in the morning to treat the roads again, and like other road crews, they are just hoping to see a little sunshine.