QUINTON, Oklahoma - A drilling expert at the University of Oklahoma says the rig involved in the incident near Quinton was using the latest technology

Associate Professor Catalin Teodorui says the rig is designed for directional drilling. He says drilling companies are phasing out the older generations for this version.

We know it's a new rig, according to the company. What we may not know for quite some time is what caused the explosion.

"You need to have access to a lot of information about you know, what was the depth at that time, what was the drilling process, the type of drilling mod, and you know particularly the drilling parameter that they had been using." said Professor Teodorui.

He says says there are human factors controlling the rig that experts will also look into. I asked about the number of crews working on the rig and he says anywhere from 15 to 25 would be standard.