TULSA, Oklahoma - The home furnishings, accessories and design store T.A. Lorton on Cherry Street is celebrating 30 years in business.

“July of ’88 I opened, and so now it’s 2018, that’s 30 years,” Tracy Salisbury said.

Not bad when you consider back then she was 22 and not that long out of college - a kid with an idea she wanted to pursue.

Salisbury didn’t have any formal design training; in fact, she was gonna be a teacher, but, said she always had an eye for putting things together.

"We've definitely changed in 30 years, but everything has," she said.

Except perhaps a guiding principle - filling the store with things she likes.

"Something that's pretty and interesting and new, hopefully hand-made. I love that kind of feel," Salisbury said.

It’s worked for 30 years, and it doesn't sound like she's going anywhere.

"I'm still passionate about it. So, as long as I'm still passionate about it, I'm still in it," she said.

They have little celebrations planned from now through the month of July.