TULSA, Oklahoma - The barbershop is a quiet place to get a haircut, discuss life or have a respectful conversation about sports - unless you're talking about the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I got one word, man, “Hoodie-Melo,” one person said.

“I'm a really big fan of Paul George, he's one of my favorite players so I was really happy about that,” said another.

But, nearly halfway through the season, some Thunder fans at the local shop still aren't impressed.

“Yeah, I think they're garbage right now. They can't finish games,” they said.

One fan said, “We have a triple-double and we still lose a game, then there's a breakdown somewhere, you know what I'm saying,”

“They're a little behind. I mean, they gotta click, it's a whole new team basically,” said another.

While some Thunder fans at Black Label Men's Grooming are optimistic about the season, others are still a little sour about a certain Golden State Warrior.

“He's a snake. I don't like him at all,” said a fan.

“Don't talk to me about no KD. Don't worry, he'll regret leaving,” another said.

“Hope they lose in crushing defeat like in game seven, that be nice, rip the heart of them,” they said.

But, no matter where you stand as a Thunder fan at the barbershop, there's still one aspect about this season these fans want to know.

“Why you need a million-dollar contract when you got a million-dollar edge up? It's all good,” they said.