PITTSBURG COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Pittsburg County man hopes to use music to bring some comfort to the families of the five men killed in the drilling rig explosion near Quinton.

Chase Jewell is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburg County.

He decided to use his gift to help his community get through tragedy. 

It all started with a request from one of Chase Jewell's childhood friends.
"He told me that his cousin had been killed in the rig explosion on Patterson 219 ... he asked me how good I was at writing songs," Jewell said. 

Chase was asked to write a song honoring the 5 victims and their families.

In a hotel room with his guitar, a notepad and pen, Chase and his friend Casey wrote, "Rig 219."

The video on Facebook has been viewed more than 45,000 times. 

It's a gift Jewell hopes brings comfort to the families of the victims for years to come. 

"I was raised in church so I believe God has the power to bring peace over everybody but it brings everybody together, even though it's such a tragedy," Jewell said.