TAHLEQUAH, Oklahoma - Tahlequah Police have released the radio traffic from officers who were chasing a shoplifting suspect. That driver crashed into a woman in another car, killing her Friday, January 26. 

"9-1-1 Center"
"Advise - male ejected."
"Is ejected? And west of Choctaw?"
"West of Choctaw."

Cherokee Nation Marshals were chasing Aram  Catron after they say he shoplifted from a Tahlequah Walmart. We've learned there was a woman with him at the Walmart who stayed behind at the store as he drove off.

During the chase, Catron crashed into Malinda Phillips. Phillips was married and the mother of two teenage girls.

"Oh, he just crashed out west of Choctaw. Go ahead and roll EMS."
Catron remains in critical condition. Police say he was arrested in 2012 for eluding police and leaving the scene of an injury wreck.