NOWATA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Prosecutors want to make sure a former Broken Arrow school teacher serves time for preying on some of his students.

A judge found Ronald Lyons guilty of drug charges and having lewd photographs back in 1987 and sentenced him to nine years in prison.
But Lyons took off and remained on the run until two months ago when he suddenly surrendered.

Back then, people were allowed to have bond while they appealed their case which is what allowed Ronald Lyons to take off and avoid prison. He will be re-sentenced next month and prosecutors want to make sure he serves the nine-year sentence he received 30 years ago, nothing less.

In a sentencing brief, a prosecutor said Lyons groomed young girls who were his students, that he made them feel like he cared about them, but used them for his sexual gratification.

They said he started a relationship with a troubled 15-year-old student and had nude photos of her. She refused to testify.

They said after a school dance, Lyons took another 15-year-old student to a motel room where he gave her drugs, they had sex and he took nude photos of her. 

She told detectives they did that several times. Officers said they found a nude picture of that girl hanging on Lyons' bedroom wall. 

That girl changed her story a year later and said the two were in love and hoped to marry one day.
Police said when they questioned a third girl about Lyons, she committed suicide. She was only a sophomore.

There was also a lawsuit filed involving yet another girl who said Lyons molested her.

Lyons testified he cared deeply for his students but girls often came on to him.

He also testified the search of his home was illegal. Police said they found 30 pot plants in Lyons' basement along with some cocaine and a photo album that contained 160 pornographic pictures.

The prosecutor wrote in her brief that Lyons' request for probation or any kind of leniency is offensive.