OKLAHOMA CITY - The House JCAB just passed two budget bills proposed by Step Up Oklahoma business leaders. House Bill 1033 calls for a $581 million tax package, and House bill 1030 provides for teacher pay raises of $5,000. 

The House committee passed the tax package by a vote of 21-5 and the teacher pay raises bill were passed unanimously at 26-0.

Passing the House committee is just the first step. The next step is for the bills to pass a Senate committee. If that happens, the full House of Representatives could take up the measures early next week.

Step Up Oklahoma is a nonpartisan coalition of business, civic and community leaders that are working to implement a combination of reform and revenue measures to drive efficiencies, eliminate abuse and waste, and raise revenue to support a $5,000 salary increase for teachers and to fund core services.
The leaders who put the plan together have been meeting with Gov. Mary Fallin and legislative leaders for several weeks about their ideas.