HASKELL COUNTY, Oklahoma - A suspected livestock thief is in jail as Haskell County officials crack down on two cases of cattle rustling. 

The Haskell County Sheriff said they have taken Joe Calhoun into custody for outstanding warrants and believe he is responsible for stealing cattle in the area.

This comes after someone reported that five head of cattle were stolen from a ranch near Kinta, Oklahoma on January 31st. Shortly after that report, officials learned of another four head of cattle taken from a different ranch nearby.

The Haskell County Sheriff’s Office, along with Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Special Agents, learned that four head of cattle had been sold at a local livestock auction and another three head of cattle were found in a pasture in neighboring Pittsburg County. 

After weeks of investigating, officials have located seven of the nine head of cattle.

Officials believe Calhoun, and two others, conspired to steal, possess and/or sell the stolen cattle. 

The Haskell County Sheriff, Tim Turner, said the investigation could not have been possible without the help of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Stigler Police Department, Quinton Police Department, the Pittsburg County Sheriff’s Office and the Oklahoma District 18 Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force.  

“Boundaries don’t stop thieves and jurisdictions don’t stop officers if they work together to accomplish one common goal and that is to make sure our citizens are safe,” said Turner.