COWETA, Oklahoma - A dog that was inside an SUV when it was stolen Saturday has been found.

Lilly was reunited with her owners. She now has a fractured front leg but she is alive.

Her family says the whole situation has taught them to never lose hope.

It was a reunion against the odds.

Lilly, the seven-year-old Dachshund disappeared Saturday night. Paul and Marilyn Hale left her in the car with the heater on while they ran inside Home Depot near 71st and Mingo to grab a few things. When they returned to their SUV it was gone with Lily inside.

"My prayer has just been the whole time that she would be safe and somebody would find who would take good care of her,” said Marilyn.

That prayer was answered Monday morning when a staff member from Crossroads Clubhouse called. Executive Director Pat Fluegel found Lilly wandering the streets on her way to work.

It took several coworkers to catch the Dachshund and get her to the vet.

"We are an organization that serves adults with mental illness and we have our own therapy cat,” Fluegel explained. “We all believe that the best therapist has four legs and fur."

The vet confirmed the microchipped pup was Lilly and called the Hale family to come pick her up.

“They were in tears on the phone,” Fluegel recalled. “We're going to share in their joy and we are just happy we could be a part of it."

The Hale's say they are thankful for every community member who shared a post or passed out one of Lilly's flyers. They say they never lost hope their dog would find her way back home.

"Lilly started with us as a stray dog, and adopted us in a sense,” said Paul. “She's a special dog."

Marilyn added, "All the time, God is good. Answer to our prayers."

Lily is home but police still haven't found the Hale's gold Suburban.

If you know anything, call Crimestoppers.