JENKS, Oklahoma - Voters in the Jenks School District will head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to pay for school improvements.

Jenks Public Schools is asking voters to approve a $14 million bond issue. 

Jenks Public Schools is one of the fastest growing school districts in the area and keeping up with all of that growth comes at a price.

"More money always benefits the kids," said Jenks parent Paige Guymon. 

The passing of a $14-million-school bond issue could make a difference in the future for her kids.

"I can see the benefits of it…I'm not sure if I'm going to vote for it or not," Guymon said. 

The bond is broken down into two parts. The first proposition will address several items including improvements to technology, classroom equipment, and student safety.

"We're always looking to give our students the best possible opportunities in terms of the technology that's in the classrooms and to give our teachers the same opportunities as well," said Rob Loeber with Jenks Public Schools. 

Communications Director, Rob Loeber says the bond money will also address overcrowding.

The middle school is running out of room, so they'll be able to build 12 extra classrooms and allow the district to buy more learning materials.

"One immediate need is at our middle school. Right now we have four elementary and two intermediates and all of those kids funnel into a site at the middle school," Loeber said. 

The second proposition will cover transportation needs. Loeber said these improvements are necessary to meet the demands of the district's growth. 

"We're fortunate enough to be in the position that our district is growing every year. Our enrollment continues to go up. And as enrollment rises our needs rise with that," Loeber said. 

Before voters head to the polls, check out the sample ballot below.