MOORE, Oklahoma - News 9 has gathered more information into the hour-long interrogation video against a former state senator.

Ralph Shortey was caught in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy back in March, and has since pleaded guilty to the crime. In the interview, Shortey described a long-term relationship with the teenager. He said the two played video games together, talked on the phone, but said he did not have sexual intentions. 

Officers said the evidence proved otherwise.

Detective: "Tell us the truth. Get it out there. Let's get this over with, get this behind us so we can all move on." 

Just 4 days earlier, on the 9th, Moore Police say a witness tipped off the teen's family that he had gotten into a Jeep with an older man, and ended up at a Super 8. That parent called police.

When officers came knocking, Shortey was hesitant to let officers inside the room. 

During the interrogation, Shortey claimed his innocence and said he knew the 17-year-old for over a year, but thought he was really 20 years old.

Police weren't buying it.

Officers said the two were using KIK to communicate. Shortey used an alias, but that the teen reported the two originally met through a Craigslist ad he created.

Officer: "He had a lot of responses for it, but that you said that you wanted him to mess around with your wife while you watched. He says you all got together and started talking about that, he thought your wife was pregnant and then said it never happened because she was pregnant." 

Investigators told Shortey they found condoms in his bag, and sexual explicit messages the two had exchanged. Still, the former state senator wasn't giving in.

Shortey: "I'm telling you that's not me."

Detective: "That's clearly you, Ralph. That's a lie. You're lying to us right now." 

Shortey's sentencing date has not been set yet, and he will remain in federal custody at the Grady County Jail. He faces minimum of 10 years in prison and a maximum of life.