TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsan Julie Mueller won the 2017's Best Owner/Handler at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. We thought you'd like to meet her. 

"I'm actually a breeder/owner/handler - the dog I show we have bred ourselves which makes it even more sweet," said Mueller. 

Her four-legged partner in this 2017 Owner/Handler award is Stewart. They went to 68 shows last year. Stewart is kind of a superstar.

“He's beautiful, he's gorgeous,” said Mueller. 

He and all her show dogs are Salukis. They are sleek, long-legged and fast, and they are known as quiet, reserved, and aloof.

They always want to be with their people, just not all over their people.

"A Saluki owns you, you don't own them," said Mueller. 

She has seven, and she does not breed them to sell. She calls them her pets. Their registered official name is a song title. Their everyday name is the artist who sang the song.

For example, her dog Stewart is officially named "Aurora's Rhythm of My Heart", based on "Rhythm of My Heart" by Rod Stewart.