TULSA, Oklahoma - You may have problems getting out of your Tulsa neighborhood Thursday morning as the city has had their focus on the main, high-traffic roads.

The City of Tulsa tweeted Wednesday evening it's been busy.

The City of Tulsa says it has a number of assets to do the job.

  • 67 truck-mounted salt spreaders 
  • 49 truck-mounted snow plows (Of the 67 trucks with spreaders, 49 have plows.)
  • 7 4x4 pick-up trucks equipped with snow plows
  • 3 motor graders for use as plows 
  • 170 employees (including drivers and support staff)
  • Approximately 11,500 tons of salt on hand 
  • 2 salt brine systems equipped with 2 applicators

In a news release, Tulsa says spreading and plowing routes are prioritized based on traffic counts. 

During winter weather response, the first focus is to clear city arterial streets for emergency responders. After arterial streets are clear, the second focus then moves to residential or collector streets near hospitals, schools and areas with steep hills.

Here is the map of routes the City of Tulsa uses for arterial streets, collector streets, schools and steep hills.