SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Body camera video has been released of a police chase in Sand Springs that covered three counties and reached speeds of more than 100 miles an hour.

It started when officers tried to stop the driver of a stolen Durango.

Police said the driver of the stolen truck was chunking things out the window at them during the chase and he avoided the first two stop strips officers threw in front of him, but, hit the third, which shredded his tires, causing him to run off the road, crash through a fence, and into a tree.

Officer: Okay, I had to light him up.  They're pulling in, heading toward Wekiwa. We're in pursuit, we're in pursuit. Westbound highway 51, westbound highway 51. Speeds 100.

The chase covered 37 miles and lasted 20 minutes with the driver running several people off the shoulder until he was unable to avoid the third set of stop strips.

Officer: Slowing down, slowing down, turning west onto a dirt road into a field, going south. One went out, one in the car, one went out towards the left. Can you crawl out of the driver door? Crawl out. Step out and walk to the officer behind you.

The teenage passenger surrendered immediately, said he begged the driver to stop and let him out and was terrified during the chase. Officers found the driver's wallet in the floorboard of the Durango.

Officer: John Cress, if you can hear my voice, you need to come back out to the clearing. The next thing that's going to happen is a helicopter and a dog.

Troopers found Cress right after that and took him into custody.

John Cress, suspect: Hey man, I'm sorry, I should've stopped when you said.

They booked Cress for a laundry list of things, including the stolen vehicle, running from police, running roadblocks, kidnapping and having a suspended drivers license.