BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - The City of Bartlesville is seeing an uptick in home burglaries since the beginning of the year.

From January 1st until now, Bartlesville Police said they believe 28 unsolved home burglaries are connected and asking for the public's help.

Bartlesville Police are scratching their heads trying to catch those responsible for breaking into homes and stealing items. 

Police said most homes are being burglarized by people breaking in back doors and basement windows. 

"If you see a strange vehicle in the neighborhood or a strange person walking down the street, you might take a couple second looks and see what they've been up to," said Bartlesville Police Captain Jay Hastings. 

Hastings said his officers have seen a significant uptick in residential burglaries on the city's south side. 

"Most of these have been vacant houses,” Hastings said. 

Captain Hastings said unique items are being taken, including antiques, silver wear, and even tools, from some houses that are being remodeled.  He said some non-vacant homes are also being targeted. 

"A lot of times what's missing are flat screen TVs or small laptops iPads and stuff like that,” said Hastings. 

Leading to thousands of dollars’ worth of property being swiped sometimes at random times during the day and night. 

"The value is huge and again we've been trying to increase patrols in those areas at all hours,” Hastings said. 

Captain Hastings said what’s just as frustrating is that police haven't been able to nail down a motive just yet, and hope the public can help them solve this string of crimes and put whoever is responsible behind bars.  

"Anybody that sees anything out of place don't hesitate to call us,” said Hastings. 

Police believe right now that this is the work of more than one person. As always if you see anything suspicious, call Bartlesville Police.