BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Hundreds of Bartlesville High School students walked out of class to oppose the statewide budget cuts affecting education.

"We care about our education and we don't want $22 million cut out of it," said Chloe Maye. 

That's the message these students wanted to get across as they took the field.

"I really wanted to work at Jane Phillips downtown because it's a low-income school and it's really close to my heart," said Senior Brigitte Mckinnon. 

Mckinnon is one of the students who organized the rally. She's headed to OSU next year to study education so she said she has an added interest in seeing fewer cuts to education and more money for teachers.

"I really wanna financially be able to support them but if budget cuts continue, then I'll have to look at a different state," said Mckinnon. 

Parents and other supporters were outside the football stadium's gate cheering with the students and at the very end, the high schoolers walked over to the crowd to show their appreciation.

“It's heartbreaking to see teachers having to work 2 or 3 jobs or sometimes go on food stamps, even in some cases panhandle for supplies," said Archana Sapre. 

Sapre brought her son Om Ghoansgi to the rally.

He's a seventh grader at Bartlesville's Central Middle School but his mom said he needs to know what's going on.

"They do so much for everyone in the public schools and, you know, I'm just baffled that they don't get paid that much," said Ghoansgi.

Mckinnon said she hopes this sparks optimism during a tough time for schools.

"I think it could be such a positive time for us to really share our opinions and keep it in a positive light," said Mckinnon.