COWETA, Oklahoma - Coweta Police arrested two students for making threats against Donald P. Sloat Junior High School Friday.

The arrests came on a day where schools all across Green County were dealing with similar threats.

Frightened and unwilling to take any chances, some parents in Coweta kept their kids home, saying the threats are no laughing matter.

"It's not funny. It's not funny at all, especially considering the kids who have died all around the country," parent Jaclyn Arnold said. "It's not a joke. It's not a laughing matter for other kids or for the parents who have lost their kids or the fear of losing their kids."

Arnold said picking up her eighth-grade son early Friday was an easy decision.

"For his sake, and my peace of mind, I just felt better about doing it," she said.

Coweta Police investigated then discredited the threats they said two students made at the Junior High.

"They said that one of them said that if there was going to be a shooting at the school it would be them that would do it," Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell said.

He said the two students claimed to be joking, but officials aren't laughing.

Police arrested the teens who now face serious charges.

"These are felony charges that we're putting on these kids. So, at 14 years old you're getting two felony charges on you. That's pretty drastic," Bell said.

Parents like Arnold said school absences may continue if the threats don't stop.

"It's sad that that kids are so quick to violence when they should be sticking together," Arnold said.

Coweta Public Schools said they are working with parents to keep their students safe. Students are told to report any threat to their teachers or administrators immediately.

Coweta Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Holmes sent a letter to parents Friday after the arrests.

The letter reinforces the district's commitment to keeping students safe. The letter says all students are instructed to report anything that they see, regarding unsafe behavior.

You can read the full letter below: